Identity Crisis

Yesterday on the playground, one of our little girls was chasing her friends, saying she was a wolf and was howling. The friends were running and screaming, when she told them, “Wait, I’m not a wolf that eats meat. I’m a vegetarian wolf.”Wolf eating pic


You’re how old?

We tell the older kids all the time that the younger ones are listening to them. Here is a throwback from one of those times…

One of our kindergarten girls told me “I used to be five and a half, but I am five and two quarters now”


God is sneaky!

Throwback Thursday~ One of our preschool boys was updating  us about an owie he had. “It feels lots better. God snuck in when I was sleeping and made it all better. He is really sneaky. He didn’t even wake me up!”                                                                  kid sleeping


Swim Lessons

With Memorial Day and summer upon us, we thought you would enjoy this throwback Thursday. Some preschoolers were discussing swimming lessons, and it got a little out of hand…

Child 1: “I can swim. I have swim lessons.”

Child 2: “I can swim AND snap my fingers.”

Child 3: “I can dive off the diving board.”

Child 4: “I can dive forward.”

Child 3: “Well, I can dive forward and backward at the same time AND I can walk on water!”

No, Jesus is not a preschooler at Valley Christian School. 🙂


New Skin?

During spirit week this week I decided to participate in “formal day”.  I actually put on a skirt and nylons!  At recess Katie, a pre-k child, walked up to me and asked “why do you have a new skin on your legs?”  A few other children overheard and began asking why my legs were black!?”  I actually had to explain they are “nylons, some people like to wear them on their legs.”  Blank stares…”ok I replied they are like leggings.”  Their response- “Oh leggings!  We know what those are!”

Alright, either I am stuck in a time warp where no one EVER wears nylons (unless your over 70) or I have some very perceptive students!!